Pickup & Delivery

Pickup & Delivery

Our Pickup & Delivery Service includes:

  • Free pickup and delivery with 48 hour return service
  • Separation of Colors and Whites
  • Professional Folding
  • Dress Shirts, Polos, sweaters, dresses and dress slacks hung.
  • Delicate wash
  • Individual garment Stain Removal
  • Free Laundry bag with initial order. (replacement bags are $8.00)

We will do our best to accommodate any other special requests.

Product Options & Pricing

We offer a variety of different laundry products for you to choose from:

  • Standard Soap (included)
  • Tide ($1.00 extra per order)
  • All Free & Clear ($1.00 extra per order)
  • Dreft for babies ($1.00 extra per order)
  • Stains pretreated with Shout (included)
  • Snuggle Liquid Fabric Softener (included)
  • Whites are always bleached (included)
  • Bounce Dryer Sheets (included)
  • Button Down and Polo shirts hung after dry

We will do our best to accommodate any other special requests.

Freeway Laundry charges a flat per pound rate of $1.70 per pound for all stand services. You are more than welcome to request premium soaps at the additional fees noted above.

There is an $11.00 minimum charge on orders. For clarification, if your order weighs less then 10lbs you will still be charged $11.00

Corporate pricing available with groups of 5 or more participants.

Dry Clean Services and Pricing

  • Shirt Service (wash & press): $2.50 per shirt
  • Press Only Shirts: $1.50
  • Dry Clean shirt and blouse: $5.50 per item
  • Pants and skirts $5.50 per item
  • Dresses: $9.00 per item
  • 2pc suit: $11.50 per suite
  • 3pc suite: $13.50 (includes jacket, pants, vest)
  • Sports Coat: $5.50
  • Tie: $5.00 per tie
  • Short coat (to waist): $11.50 per coat
  • Long coat (mid thigh and longer): $13.50
  • Press Only $3.00
  • Alterations available: Prices vary by item

Please do not hesitate to contact us for anything you need dry cleaned not listed above.